3 Exercises to Tone Your Love Handles

tone love handles
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Love handles are simply body fat stores and are a pain in the behind mostly because they are so hard to get rid of. Even if you are at your ideal weight you might still have love handles.

When it comes down to it, you can’t spot reduce simply because your body doesn’t work that way.

The only way to really tighten up this area is by (1) Regular resistance training (2) Cardio and (3) Healthy Eating.

When it comes to resistance, even though you can’t spot reduce, I will show you three exercises which have helped my clients with this concern.

You will notice that to tone this area you need to train your entire abdominal area including the obliques.

Side Plank

The all time favorite exercise – side plank. This is a great exercise as it works so many muscle groups. Lie down on the side and place your elbow directly underneath your shoulder. Then raise your hips to your highest point possible and come back down to your starting position. Try for 2 sets of 10-12 reps. If this is too difficult for you, then bend at the knees instead of at the feet.

tone your love handles





Oblique Extension

This exercise may confuse you at first but once you get it the form you will love it as this exercise works your entire abdominal area as well as your back muscles. Stand apart with your legs and keep them straight. Then with a couple of dumbbells in your hands extend to one side as in step 1 feeling the stretch right through your abs. Then in step 2 return to the center holding both dumbbells together. In step 3 switch sides and extend right out. Make sure that your legs stay straight the entire time and that the bend comes from your waist and not your legs. Try for 18-20 reps in total.

tone obliques and love handles






Ball Plank

You should be doing this exercise even as just a part of your routine. Get in a plank position on the ball and make sure that your elbows are directly underneath your shoulders and hold. Keep your abs tight and your hips aligned with your body. Hold for 30 counts. The plank will get all your muscle fibers fired up.

plank on a ball

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