What exercises can I do to slim down my butt and thighs?

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Today a reader question came in from Rebecca.

Rebecca asked “What exercises can I do to trim down my butt and thighs?”

So here is my answer.

This is probably the most common area of concern for a lot of women. The thighs are usually  the first place a woman stores fat.  And it its the last place to lose! So frustrating :)
The thing you can do to slim down your legs and butt are cardio and body weight exercises. You definitely don’t want to lift heavy weight as this will thicken the muscle and if there is fat on top then your leg will appear thicker.

Here is a quick workout you can do at home or at the gym. Try it, no equipment required.

  1. 60 counts of skipping rope
  2. 20 stationary body weight lunges on each leg
  3. 60 counts of skipping rope
  4. 30 walking body weight lunges
  5. 60 counts of skipping rope
  6. 20 deep plies
  7. 60 counts of skipping rope
  8. 20 body weight squats

Repeat 3 times in a row. Did that burn your legs? It should and if it doesn’t then increase your reps.
Try this routine every other day for the next month.

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